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One look is worth a thousand words

Hello and welcome to my page!


I am an experienced photographer freshly moved from Paris to Honfleur. What I do is mostly portraits of individuals, couples, families, and friends. 


Photography has been my passion for around 8 years, and only a year ago I gave up and decided to make it official. During this one year, I gathered over 100 photo galleries by working freelance and with a company called EVER in Paris. 


Voilà! Honfleur. Now you can simply forget for a while about your front cameras and grasp some beautiful moments with your close ones in Honfleur with a pro. By result, you not only get nice memories but also quality images that will animate your living room wall and social media profiles. It doesn't matter if you only came for one day or lived here all your life - this city in both cases is a pretext for making a memorable present to yourself. 


In addition, I have recently expanded my activity into interior photography for the guest houses and hotels in Honfleur. The results exceeded all my expectations, quality images do really make a difference when it comes to the booking online. 



Don't hesitate to discover more about what I do by navigating yourself through the website. If you have any questions, please leave me a message in the Contact section and I'd be happy to help. 

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